Made in the USA

Made in the USA

We are proud to offer products made in the USA.  We partner with local businesses and American manufacturers to provide our customers with custom-made, high-quality, original artwork and goods.  We are proud to be an American small business.


Why Buy American Made?

Keep Jobs in the US

Purchasing American-made products further ensures that companies will keep their manufacturing efforts in the United States and employ American workers. And it doesn't stop there since the success of US-based manufacturing companies can affect other parts of the US economy (construction, financial, energy, etc.) and create jobs in other sectors.

Clean Environment

American-made products carry a much smaller carbon footprint than products produced overseas.  China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world’s developed nations combined, according to new research from Rhodium Group released in May 2021. Keeping manufacturing in the US and buying American-made goods promotes a clean environment in the USA and worldwide.

Ethical, Fair-Trade Labor Practices 

Much like with the environment, many countries do not have labor laws in place that guarantee that employees are working in safe conditions. From unsafe work environments, to unhealthy air quality, to child labor, the number of human rights issues that come with many products produced overseas is troubling.

Pride and Quality

When you see a "Made in the USA" sticker or logo on a product, you know that you have your hands on a premium product. Companies that manufacture products in the U.S. have full control of the process from the materials being used to the way products are being constructed. This complete oversight over the manufacturing process results in a quality product that cannot be matched by outsourcing.

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